At Jigsaw Out of School & Holiday Scheme the children have the opportunity of

playing in the lounge, the upstairs hall and the outside play area. 


There is always a wide range of activities for the children to participate in including:


children painting                                           drama                                                            

         Arts and Crafts                                                   Drama/Role Play




                dolls house                                         computer area       


                  Dolls House                                                     Computer Area



child playing with train track                                         building bricks


         Train Track                                                            Lego Building Bricks



        baking set                                                air hockey table


             Baking                                                                 Air Hockey Table



children playing in ball pool                                           children reading books


            Ball Pool                                                   Story Telling and Reading Books



musical instruments                                                          children playing table tennis


Musical Instruments                                                             Table Tennis



children watching tv                                      outside area


          TV  Room                                                       Outside Play Area



Keep Fit exercises                                                bouncy castle and slide


    Keep Fit                                                            Bouncy castle and slide



There is also a quiet area where children can do their homework or read a book.